iOS SDK Integration

In this guide you will see how to integrate Monlix's offerwall into your iOS games or applications.


MonlixOfferwall is available through CocoaPods. To install it, simply add the following line to your Podfile:

pod 'MonlixOfferwall', '~> 0.0.2'

Storyboard Usage

Import the library

import MonlixOfferwall

Init the library:

let vc = MonlixOfferwall(config: MonlixConfig(appId: "74c6f10c7a5c5088dcecbf0ee0e44b4b",userId: "6"))
vc.modalPresentationStyle = .fullScreen
self.present(vc, animated: true)

SwiftUI Usage

  1. Import the library
import MonlixOfferwall
  1. Create UIViewControllerRepresentable View:
struct MyView: UIViewControllerRepresentable {
typealias UIViewControllerType = MonlixOfferwall
func makeUIViewController(context: Context) -> MonlixOfferwall {
let vc = MonlixOfferwall(config: MonlixConfig(appId: "9109486b4386234b1b9ccfddefb6610e", userId: "1"))
return vc
func updateUIViewController(_ uiViewController: MonlixOfferwall, context: Context) {}
  1. Attach to content view:
struct ContentView: View {
@State var isPresented = false
var body: some View {
VStack {
Button("Show offerwall", action: {isPresented = true})
.sheet(isPresented: $isPresented) {

Objective-C Usage

  1. Import the library
#import "MonlixOfferwall-Swift.h"
  1. Init the library
MonlixOfferwall *offerwall = [[MonlixOfferwall alloc] init];
[offerwall initObjCWithAppId:@"74c6f10c7a5c5088dcecbf0ee0e44b4b" userId:@"6" subId:nil age:nil gender:@3 zoneId:nil];
[self presentViewController:offerwall animated:YES completion:nil];
Gender values: 0 - Male 1 - Female 2 - Other