Whenever a user completes an offer, we will make a call to this URL by sending all the information needed to credit the virtual currency to your users.

Here is the list of the parameters that we are going to send to your system endpoints.

ParamDescriptionExample value
{{userId}}Your Site/App user id54x3857
{{userIp}}IP of the user192.168.100.0
{{countryCode}}Country of the userUS
{{secretKey}}Your site secret sey (validate request)2f6d1f4444fd7
{{taskName}}Name of the offer or surveyEarn money easily
{{transactionId}}Unique transaction id (to avoid duplicates)45020ab387c4fc00
{{rewardCurrency}}Name of your virtual currencyCredits
{{rewardValue}}Conversion value * Virtual currency multiplier3400
{{payout}}Conversion value in USD1.20
{{subId}}Subid that you have passed to the offerwalla237eacc6db367b23f
{{status}}1 = valid, 2 = invalid (chargeback)1